an invitation to vlorbik’s library

Photo on 7-29-15 at 12.30 PM
i pulled my (dover edition of) cantor’s epoch-making
contributions to the founding of the theory of transfinite numbers
(one can evidently download it here)
yesterday to show tony from church;
he’d noticed my (prominently displayed)
copy of god created the integers
(hawking’s anthology of great math by math greats)
and mentioned “infinity” a few times in
my hearing, so it seemed like a natural.
and maybe it is… anyway, one does *not*
need a lot of high-tech “advanced math” to
read cantor’s stuff… and be just as mystified,
most likely, as most of the mathematicians
of cantor’s time (and many long after).

but i *should* have broken out the fourth dimension (w’edia),
by rudy rucker (w’edia).
tony’s *also* mentioned “the fourth dimension”
(as a concept) and *this* thing is bound to be
a whole lot more accessible than cantor.

i don’t know this particular rucker book at all well…
but i used his infinity and the mind in a class
long ago and’ve read some of his stories and whatnot.
rucker’s one of math’s best “popular” writers ever,
with a “transreal” SF-like vibe all his own.

i’d post more but my mouse is acting up again. damn it.


  1. but i tell a lie.

    i used, not _infinity_and_the_mind_,
    but _mind_tools_.

    for well under ten bucks.

    instead of one of the big-as-a-house
    thirteenth-edition “standard texts”
    that would’ve cost ten or twelve
    times as much and been less useful.

    of course i was made to stop.

  2. vlorbik
    Ideal Theory in Rings (Idealtheorie in Ringbereichen)
    Emmy Noether Translated by Daniel Berlyne

  3. vlorbik
    pat ballew’s history page.
    if only one could just *put* things places
    and have them *stay* there.
    this is much too hard.

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