one ring to rule them all

Photo on 5-12-15 at 11.15 AM

the medium is the massage
so i painted this with a brush
more or less as an exercise
in “graphic design”. if ever
the zine is reissued (it’s seen
here in its natural state, back in the brief
hardcopy-heyday of MEdZ),
this’ll be the cover.

\Bbb C never got drawn.

on the other hand,
visual complex analysis
is a marvelous work and a wonder.
(tristan needham, oxford u.~press)
not that i’ve looked it over *that*
carefully. a few minutes a couple
summers ago in a crowd and a few
more… or maybe a couple of hours…
with the PDF. online reading, yick.

another random shout-out.
this one’s a hard-copy.

conics (keith kendig,
2005, MAA).
suddenly i’m clearly seeing
lots of stuff i thought i’d
*never* understand. and in an
entertaining style, yet.
this guy’s *good*.

not just on \Bbb C, either…
but on *the big picture*:
{\Bbb P}^2({\Bbb C}) itself.

(this turns out to be the natural setting
for understanding “conic sections”.
one *hears* this kind of thing all the time
but is seldom brought face-to-face with such
convincing *evidence*.)

vlorbik sez check it out.


  1. vlorbik

    it looks like ben blum-smith will’ve first told me about the needham book, here (2011):

    good history-of-math here:
    Möbius planes, Laguerre planes, and Minkowski planes.

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