MEdZ 0.9 (2015 remix)

Photo on 5-3-15 at 6.53 PM
up top, upside-down, i did
some noodling around with
the trusty 4-color pen,
without adding much of any
value i think, and clobbering
some of what was there already.

in the lower half, upside-up,
i’ve colored in two pages of
the microzine from 2010.
perhaps this will refresh your memory.

what i was looking for
was somehow to represent the
phenomenon with a *single picture*.

naturally i used the smallest space
that “worked”: P^2(F_2). in the first
draft (at left), i extended the lines
of the “base space” (namely, the “points”
{001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111};
these are probably too small to read
here; it matters but little for my
purposes today)…
extended the “lines” of the “inner
triangle” space, i say…
and put a big bubble on each
extended line (and a bubble in
the middle). these “bubbles”.
of course, represent the *points*
of the dual space (identified,
as you will recall, with the lines
of the base space).

in the colorized version, i’ve made the
correspondence more explicit… or more
vivid. or something. i hope.

i was pretty pleased with this (lefthand)
drawing. but it was the next one that
convinced me i was really onto something.

so i jammed it all together and ran off copies.

then i made another zine with a page about
P^2(F_2) that i liked even better and lost
track of this one.

i colorized that newer one some time later…
the *second* really good idea of this project.
and there it lay for a while.

lately i’ve been colorizing madly, though.
new today… a *slightly* good idea…
are the seven “planet” icons.
this came close on the heels of having
decided to put *days of the week* in…
another. (the *really* good idea here
[if any] was to look around for sets-
-of-seven having some “natural” order:
the symbols in {0,1,2,3,4,5,6} are
already getting overworked and it
comes quite in handy to have a few
well-known ordered sets lying around.)

the planets-to-days correspondence is
partly well-known (“sun”day, “moon”day,…
“satur[n’s]”day) in our ambient culture
in the english-speaking world. i think.
anyway it’s out there.

so when i get to talking about ordering
the *colors*… as MRBGPYO…
i’ll have sunday-monday-…-saturday[-sunday-…]
as an ordered set of seven
“places to put information”.
(one that isn’t geometric *or* algebraic
*or* chromatic… another part of
“concept space” to work with.)

the “planets” thing is a bonus.
the tie-in with astrology is all to the good;
whatever *else* i’m doing here, i’m the last
to deny that something *mystical* is going on.

the source i copied the icons from
even had a “seven ages of man” graphic.
i had *that* in my “seven lists of
seven things”
sermon a few months ago.
but so far, i haven’t connected
shakespeare to rainbow space.
stay tuned.
Photo on 5-3-15 at 8.33 PM


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