F^3 in color

Photo on 4-25-15 at 4.24 PM #2

the “rotation model”
suggested by the lower-left
(addition-mod-3) table really
only “works” for addition
(insofar as it lacks any [obvious]
*multiplicative identity*);
so too for the “eight-hour shift”
version (what would it *mean*
to “multiply” by “adding 8
hours on a 24-hour clock”?).

and working in color presents
quite a few technical difficulties.

so quite the done thing
is to use something typo-
graphically “nice” like
{[0]_3, [1]_3, [2]_3 }…
or even {0, 1, 2}, when we get
right down to actually *calculating*…
when *presenting* this kind of thing.

but the eye-appeal of colorful or
geometrically-suggestive notations
can actually make things, well,
*easier to see*…

so we beat on…


  1. now, “cross” the donut with (two other copies of) itself
    and “homogenize” (technospeak alert); voila, P^2(F^3):
    Photo on 2011-01-31 at 19.49

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