more fano’s rainbow recap

Photo on 4-10-15 at 4.37 PM

marking a “zero” point
at one corner of a cube,
one might then consider
“directions” to “go”, as
it were, “from” that point.

“up”, say, “back”, and “over”…
these are the most obvious ones
in some sense. specifically, in
the diagram, they correspond (in
order) to the “blue”, “yellow”,
and “red” vertices of our
each of these is (and only these
are) connected by an “edge” of our
cube to the “zero point”.

the other four “directions” are then
“colored in” using the familiar
paint-mixing rules: the secondary
colors are placed in such a way
that the *faces* of the cube show
the color “blends”… then finally
the “opposite corner to zero” is
filled in with the Muddy color that
you get by dumping in *all three*
primaries (“up”, “over”, *and* “back”).

it is now a peculiar fact that the
various “blends” and “blurs” of
our paint-mixing model, together
with the “ideal” color-triple
{green, purple, orange}
…(aka “the secondaries”;
this triple shares its odd-entity-
-out nature with the color i
have called “mud”)…
corresponding on one hand to
certain *cross-sections* of our cube…
these blurs, bends, and ideal…
can be made *also* to correspond
to the *lines* of the 7-point space
shown (several times) in the rest
of our display.

more on this anon. as i imagine.


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