probably also in our text somewhere; easier to find here if the net happens to be in a good mood

combinations with repetition (from a course by one “miguel a.~lerma” at northwestern).

  1. dave

    Good day Owen,
    I lived on campus from 07 to 11 and have two Zines. 0.8 and #1.
    Is there a way to get a complete set?
    Dave in Cleveland.

  2. hi dave. my email is (sans _underlines_); send along a postal address & i’ll see what i’ve got on file. at least a few of the “micro” format like 0.8 are available as of right now i know. thanks for your interest!


    Enumeration formulas for the twelvefold way
    Any f Injective f Surjective f
    Distinct x^n\, x^{\underline n} \textstyle x!\{{n\atop x}\}\,
    Sn orbits \binom{x+n-1}n \binom xn \binom{n-1}{n-x}
    Sx orbits \sum_{k=0}^x\left\{{n\atop k}\right\} [n\leq x] \left\{{n\atop x}\right\}
    Sn×Sx orbits p_x(n+x)\, [n\leq x] p_x(n)\,

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