somebody up there likes me

Photo on 1-14-15 at 11.54 AM

my three top course requests
were offered to me a couple
hours ago. sure, i’d rather
be the lecturer for any *one*
of ’em than grade for all three.
but i look to learn a lot of math
and get paid doing it, so what
the heck.

when i took the course as a student,
brown-and-churchill was in about its
3rd edition (and didn’t cost two hundred
american dollars as it now appears to do;
the copy you see here belongs to the
math department of course). the beat-
-up old doorstop (_probability_) i’ve
never seen before. i didn’t even know
springer *made* such things. shame.
i’ll draw on some of the much-more-than-
-ample whitespace… but that won’t
excuse it. awake, awake, U.S.~ignobility.
solomon’s lecture-note packet promises
to be outstanding. i’ve worked with the
second-semester chapters (in a separate
in-house packet) and was way impressed.
also it doesn’t break anybody’s budget
that might want to actually, you know,
*own* the doggone thing.

getting back to work.

  1. Giddy looks good on you my friend. Happy for you.


    Topics List:
    1. Basic properties of the integers: division algorithm and Euclid’s lemma
    2. Basic properties of the rational numbers: fractions and decimals
    3. Fermat’s Little Theorem and the Euler –function
    4. Review and Midterm 1
    5. Basic properties of polynomials: division algorithm and Euclid’s lemma
    6. Complex numbers and polynomials of small degree
    7. The cubic and quartic equations revisited
    8. Cyclotomic polynomials
    9. Review and Midterm 2
    10. Isometries: Rotations, reflections, and translations
    11. Congruence in geometry, and the definition of a group
    12. Symmetry groups and dihedral groups
    13. Constructible numbers
    14. The Method of Monsieur Gauss

  3. vlorbik

    so far so good i guess. i haven’t read math like this since the Eighties. now that i know almost for certain that nobody else will ever know or care about what little i’ve learned so far. mostly despair. but, yeah, why lie. some *other* thing, too. a growing sense of “i can *do* this”. i can sit there by the half-hour reading this stuff like it was english lit. not that it’ll ever do me or anybody else any good.

  4. vlorbik

    wow. two gravitars. i hate this. goodbye.

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