notes for church (edited and retitled)

skynet wins; lifeforms lose.
so what. serves ’em right.

meanwhile. i’m still trapped
in this stinking painful “body”
until the payoff. so what.

(more embarrassing whining
edited out here a few hours
after the original posting
of this piece)

seven times seven (e.g.)

7 principles (UU) the hymnal
7 days (_genesis_ & dylan) gods & traditions
7 seals (& churches; _revelation_) pointless lies
7 planets (& 7 “sisters” [“pleiades”]) science & mysticism
7 ages of man (_as_you_like_it [act 2, scene 7]) whining schoolboy; mere oblivion
7 deadly sins (dylan again [wiburys]; PALEGAS) i’m confident, you’re proud, he’s arrogant
7 colors (ROYGBIV & MRBGPYO) i have no idea what this means; leave me alone

too many is never enough

7 notes of the (major scale)

big theme: arts & sciences
(we UU’s are print junkies;
our strength & our weakness)

7 dwarves of _snow_white_ (who knows?)

(more self-pitying drivel cut here)


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