songwriting 201

Photo on 8-19-14 at 11.55 AM

our medium is handwriting. but
*don’t* trust even this little
bit of score; i can’t keep a beat
*even in real life*… not like a
drummer, say… with my rhythmic
body and *darn well* haven’t learned
how to put the *numbers* in.
syllable counts and beat counts just
blur up fast when i try to get a handle
on suchlike matters so i always give up
right away.

but scribbling out this display here
*was* helpful in learning to play the
damn thing out note-by-note. (i’ve been
wandering around the house singing this
for a few weeks now).


  1. broken. can’t edit. bye.

  2. whose god damn blog *is* it, then?

  3. it was amazing at ledger’s house. bill wilson himself and his busted up hand. that cat can play. you know who *moved* me, though? that night? paul caudel. too bad for somebody else if they never heard this amazing soulful singer. where was i. bubblegum music is the wrath of g-d.

  4. i used this title for my zoom talk a couple weeks ago at UUCE

  1. 1 the music file (selecta) | the livingston review

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