talk about the passion

in concerning that of which we cannot
(2009), i posted what appears
maybe to’ve been a coinage of my own:
“quality comes from caring;
caring comes from suffering.”.
of course, the thought behind this
aphorism, such as it is, isn’t *at
all* new: “you have to suffer for
your art”, “no pain, no gain”, so
on. anyhow, ctowwcs has
four interesting links (and no
duds or outright dead-ends).
also sue v..
(her book’s almost ready
for release; check it out.)

then there’s wet snotty bawling,
(2009) wherein i posted the lyrics
“like all blues songs/this song’s
about/how much it hurts/to play
this song” (again, original to me
as far as i can tell and a pretty
sweet little lyric if i were any
judge though of course it’s not
for me to say).

here’s a record i learned about from
lisa (in the early lisa *era*…
[1983?]): david bromberg’s
suffer to sing the blues (1971).

happy birthday, american
independence. it sez here ol’
(doubting) tom jefferson said
somewhere “if a nation expects to
be ignorant and free, in a state
of civilization, it expects what
never was and never will be”.
but then. england expects that
every man will do his duty. nations
expect impossible things routinely,
i suppose.


  1. freedom ain’t free;
    justice ain’t just.

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