the poster will look more finished. (the zine is another story.)

Photo on 2014-03-14 at 18.56

ladies and gentlemen, PSL(2,7) (w’edia).


    long-shot: all 8 pages
    of S \isomorphic S^*
    (MEdZ spring 2011;
    colorized version).
    triangle-symmetric version of “fano duality”;
    detailed comments by me.
    the “sections of a cube” panel
    (vlorbik discovers seven-color space).

  2. there is… more or less of course…
    a mistake. at least one page
    will need to be totally redrawn
    before print publication. so it goes.
    ah, production. the devil in the detail.

  3. vlorbik

    in other news
    1/7 = .\bar(142857)
    2/7 = .\bar(285714)

    this will bear looking into.
    (and i say it without fear
    of contradiction [i should
    be so lucky]).

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