it turns out i remembered my password

so when i came back to work today
after being laid off all summer,
i just logged right in on the first try.
and into a better environment for working
in wordpress, too (than what we’ve got at home…
even when i use the 17″…)

it’s quite a large grading load:
advanced calc, vector analysis, and lots
of good old linear algebra. (i’ve also
committed to a writing project in intro
to calc… so it’s busybusybusy for me
for quite some time to come.)

now, where’s that doggone *textbook*?
… around here somewhere…


  1. vlorbik

    i made it through the semester.
    maintained internet silence for the most part, too.
    probably a good thing all around but i don’t take credit.
    i’ll take some now, though if you’ve got any:
    i marked up thousands of pages this quarter
    with suchlike thoughtful expertise as *characterizes*
    academic citizens worthy of the name but which
    is *very seldom encountered* at the level of
    actually doing the fucking work. for this i expect
    to continue to be shit upon by all sides and i’m
    not even going to pretend to be surprised or
    outraged anymore just because *i* was fool
    enough to go around entertaining santaclaus
    fantasies about how things could or ought
    to be if only the violence boys weren’t constantly
    breathing down everybody’s neck. bye now
    til next semester if i get my way. you think
    this is *fun*?

  2. vlorbik

    oh, and i blew off the “writing project” before it was
    even a little of the way off the ground. and, in this
    particular case, at this particular moment, i am
    content that i have done right. it’s not like it’s hard
    finding worthwhile mathbooks. the trick is to *want to*.
    maybe some book somewhere can impart that.
    i’m not ready.

  3. vlorbik

    better to marry than to burn.

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