more fun with yin and yang

what was the question again?
i’m not sure if i understand you yet.

now, there’s this prayer i learned about
when i was running around in twelve-step
circles (but the 12-steppers as a class
will have learned from the catholics
among ’em). when i *say* this prayer
sincerely, i am hoping to learn to wish

that I may not so much seek
to be consoled, as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love.

and i’m perfectly capable of spinning out
*sermons* about this passage. but i never
have done, and don’t propose to start now.
i’ve very seldom *listened* to a sermon
without quickly wishing i was doing
something else.

instead i propose to kick a bunch of ideas
around without much concern for staying on
any one particular topic, and dropping in
links whenever it feels right… today’s
“morning ramble”.

what *was* the question again? (WWTQA)

still reading? good! now, i’m *asking* WWTQA
in this environment… me typing in a room
, hoping that at some future point
“you” (i don’t know who) will find some part
of my “work” here valuable in some way.

which makes this a pretty clear-cut example
of “wanting to be understood” rather than
“wanting to understand”.

it so happens that i’d *welcome* your feedback
(*all* comments and e-mails making it through
the spam filter are interesting; if my past
behavior is any guide, i can safely predict
that *most* of ’em will be read more than once,
*many* will be carefully studied, and *some*
will be treasured).

so i’m not entirely “acting in bad faith”
by “asking” WWTQA and then jumping right
in and typing some more without staying
for an answer.

uh-oh. madeline’s getting up.
i can’t concentrate on this just now.
time for a decision: hold this back
and write some more later or wrap up
and post?

i’m *still* not sure… i’m not kidding…
but i’m leaning to “post now”. it’s been
great working (with “you”) on this,
but “we” have to wrap up now. and if
i *never* post it, it’ll’ve merely been
taking notes. you’ve got to put the
message in the bottle *and* throw it
out to sea for it to’ve been a “message”
(rightly-so-called) at all.

you’ve been a great audience;
i hope to work with you again real soon.

(special thanks to the hayes-healy
“circles” class of 2013.)

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