a^n + b^n = c^n

just a couple of bearded longhairs
looking downward. maybe in 350 years
or so, someone will understand *my* problem.


  1. suevanhattum

    Taken here?

  2. vlorbik

    madeline’s house, a few months ago or so.

    posted here partly as an exercise for me;
    “flickr” changed its format (for the worse
    more or less of course) since the last time
    i moved photos around. in the blog (as i
    see it from here), i can only prove this
    by the giraffe over my right shoulder…
    but in the flickr copy you can see a little
    bit of the kitchen cabinet over my left.
    (i mentioned the same cabinet in my
    homepage-blog when i was calling it
    “owen’s cooking show”).

    (“here” in sue’s question is the math-circles
    gathering where we’ve been having a great
    time all week talking to a bunch of cool teachers
    and students.)

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