ariadne’s thread

i’ve just signed up for the math circle institute.
so i’m rereading out of the labyrinth
(here’s jesse johnson’s review in the notices)
and looking around a little on the web.

two old blogpals i’ve never yet met
are also planning to be there; here are
relevant posts by sue van hattum and jd2718.

and another favorite blogger, ben blum-smith,
went back in ’09.
and, wow, kate nowak’s been there too.
and, double wow… i nearly forgot…
michael goldenberg (i’ve “known” him
longest of all… anybody remember mathedu?).

there’ve been math circles both here
in columbus and back home in bloomington.

  1. correction:
    goldenberg seems not to’ve participated in mathedu
    (but i didn’t check *every* month).
    okay, then: math-teach.
    i quit right around the time i started this blog.
    but, wow. they’re still at it.

  2. Looking forward. A friend I’ve written about is coming with me. And there’s you (nice surprise!), and Sue, and lots of people I’m about to meet…


  3. somebody else
    (worthington ohio school hiring practices)

    (“common core” puffpiece mentioning columbus
    circler brad findell)

  4. somebody else

    much easier to find: bart snapp.

    shapiro i already know:

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