tear down the wall

here… but not for long… is another
page from the display i’m removing
(the big version from the previous
post is gone already).

you can see a corner of the
car-wreck-into-house shot again;
also one “line”… the line at infinity,
as i think of it, in fact… of a page
showing a duality diagram for P^2({\Bbb F}_7)
(in my standard notations of a couple
years ago when i drew a lot of those).

but i’ve *really* got to get back to work.

yesterday i put in, not just an honest
day’s *work* (i do *that* all the time)
but an honest day’s *labor* (moving
stuff around [mostly books, a little
furniture, some etceterati])… for the
first time in, oh, probably a couple years.
naturally i’m somewhat stiff and sore
now. no big deal. back to work.

in fact, i *wish* i meant “get back to
moving stuff around”. but that’s not
what i’m blogging just now to avoid.
no… yesterday’s burst of moving-
-stuff-around was *itself*… necessary
as it was… in large part just another
*grading* avoidance ritual.

so. time to take this off the wall
and get to some *paying* work.

… hey, what’s that? dirty dishes!
wow, what luck!


  1. weirdest bug ever: i see “one comment”
    where the comment-count goes but
    can’t find the actual comment.
    (i just see some faded-out “loading”
    message… indeed, this [that i’m typing]
    is *also* sort of fade-y now that i say it
    and i have no confidence that it’ll post.
    trying it now.)

  2. i’ve found two more bugs…
    of an all-too-familiar kind:
    human error (with me as the human).

    1) the @#$*!! drawing is flat-out wrong.

    2) there’s a “7” in the copy that should
    (“obviously”) be a “4”.

    by this time, i’ll’ve read this whole thing
    over *many* times… i never tire of
    reading my own prose.

    so be it. “fail again. fail better.”

    livebloggin’ th’ math-circle institute
    fr th’ twenty-thirteen. math junkies!

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