crash day

here’s the poster-sized version
of my portrait of S = P^2({\Bbb F}_4):
21 copies of the zine page that itself
displays the 21 “points” of S. each page
has been identified with a point of S
by hand (twice; once by drawing 5
circles and once by placing it properly
on the wall); the seven pages associated
(in the zine the poster’s based on)
with P^2({\Bbb F}_2) are also hand-tinted.

also in sight: a shot of madeline’s house
the day after some lunatic drove into it.
also a couple of other stray zine pages.
and a weird little asterisk-lookin thing
with a P^3({\Bbb F}^2) on it.

anyhow, it’s all about to come down.
to make room for what but another wall
of books. yay! eventually i should
posterize this idea again.


  1. yesterday’s post seems to have munged up
    the page-loading. i couldn’t fix it so i deleted it.
    it’s *still* a bloody mess.

    i’m perfectly capable of quitting forever over this.

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