quarterly report

i finished out my first grading-only quarter
of all time two fridays ago (and promptly got
sick; *still* not entirely over it but it’s
much more manageable than what it was last
week). it was surprisingly not-bad.

lecturing is still a better post in my eyes
but the much-more flexible schedule… and
not having to deal with actual students…
really are pretty attractive features of
this kind of work. anyhow, i’m doing it
again starting last monday, and with
a heavier load at that. all “STEM” students
again (science-technology-engineering-maths);
another very attractive feature after decades
of mostly-precalculus lecturing posts.

in ten weeks, i expect to know more than *anyone*
(including any of the instructors or the course
co-ordinator) about how intro-linear-algebra
*really works* here at Big State U (maybe i do
already but in ten weeks i expect i’ll be sure).


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