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well here i am. friday night.
you could look it up. i guess
if i *had* a home, this’d be it.

(a more-or-less abandoned math
department, far away from any
place i have the authority to
lay my head down and think things
over. but!… with internet access.)

in the nature of the case, we graders
work while the students… um…
do whatever students do… “party”,
i suppose. so papers picked up on
friday after class have to be collected
by *somebody* (& returned by monday
morning; we’re trying to set a high
standard here after all). fair enough,

it’s not like you don’t have to lie
to do *this* job right; getting us
to say things we don’t actually mean is
pretty precisely what money is *for*.
just this: there’s one *big* lie; the rest
is essentially about matters of taste.

and the “big lie”?
well. of course:
“make it look easy”.

no teacher (of anything) can afford
to be honest about what it’ll cost
to get good. *obviously* any rational
being will run like hell before enduring
anything *like* the tribulations that we
(every expert in any art) went through…
only realizing, much too late, that most
of it was for astonishingly foolish
reasons (“youth is wasted on the young”).

worth it, worth it, worth it.

& a long bus ride home.

(“worth it, worth it, worth it”: ramble of 8/09.)


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