let not sloth dim your horrors new-begot

i was griping earlier today
(in another blog) about a long-ago password SNAFU.
within less than an hour of posting: another.

and right here at work. i was able to log in
to this *math department* box… but can’t get
into the *university level* system (where stuff
like syllabi and grades are found and posted).
i’d been recently made to choose a new
(and messy) password, so first
i tried resetting that… and succeeded. the system
recognized me enough to ask me the three “mother’s
maiden name” style questions allowing this…
but then when i tried to get to the sites
where *actual work* can be done i learned,
to my chagrin, that *that* part of the system
couldn’t recognize my username at all.

well, i’m barely an employee. indeed i didn’t
have any duties assigned me until two days into
the quarter. so i figured maybe this had something
to do with it. too soon to tell, really: it took
about 15 minutes on the phone to discover that
(1) the guy at the help desk couldn’t help me &
(2) others are reporting similar issues.

i’m lucky to’ve gotten the e-mail assigning my
new grading duties at all… g-mail was working
this week evidently but my official campus e-ddress
was, emphatically, *not*. &… like i was saying
in my earlier post… we only get the web at “home”
(really my girlfriend’s house) by the on-and-off
grace of the vastly-indifferent cable company.

so it’s a problem.


  1. somebody else

    still can’t log in. for a moment yesterday
    when i handed my contract into the
    proper office in the department,
    i (mostly) believed that this would
    soon take care of the problem.
    maybe it’ll actually’ve been the answer…
    but “soon” is no longer part of it;
    20 hours is a long time in internet years.

    meanwhile, i ran into an IT guy informally
    & got the suggestion that one can cause
    a *temporary* identity to be set up in
    emergency situations. if the problem
    persists until tomorrow, it’s certainly
    qualify as an emergency in my eyes
    since i’ll need access to rosters to do
    my whatever’s-the-next-worst-thing-
    after-“god-damned” job.

    also facebook won’t take my posts
    and my phone won’t send my calls.
    only a matter of time before the bank
    won’t let me spend “my” money i suppose.

    awake, awake american workers!

  2. somebody else

    i’m able to read everything i need
    and even to post grades. there
    was another username-password
    SNAFU local to the math dep’t.

    my official bigstate-u email
    got clobbered somewhere
    along the line; shouldn’t
    be a problem unless somebody
    decides to make it into a big deal.

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