blog broken

my sidebars appear at the bottom of the page
under the posts. i’ve seen this before and been
able to tweak the code until it looked right.
to me. how it looked to other people?
none of my business evidently. anyhow,
after laying off for a long time and
flirting with coming back, a sign that
this *isn’t* (at *all*) how i want to
spend my time. it sure was fun when it
was easy.


  1. oh, here it is. an unmatched “div” tag.
    still. i don’t know if being back to work
    is gonna be enough motivation to post.

    oh how i love and hate this world-wide web.

  2. vlorbik

    Partial differentiation, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integrals, line integrals, and Green’s theorem.

    (all i’m able to learn from the online
    course page. somehow it’s possible…
    a student of mine has done it…
    to find the HW assignments and
    whatnot. but so it hasn’t been possible
    *for me* and of course sending for
    “help” hasn’t gotten me any.)

    the textbook is for assigning exercises.
    lucky for me i’ve *got* one of those
    and my correspondent has alerted me
    to the assignments for the first chapter.

    looks like i’ll very likely be *grading*
    a couple senior-level courses.
    it’s been quite a while since i’ve looked
    at any of the relevant material so i’ll
    learn a lot. and get paid doing it
    (which is of course how it should be:
    google vlorbik blockhead).

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