poster: desargues configuration

ten poles, ten polars,
and ten pairs-of-triangles:
ten ways to use one drawing
(from MathEdZine, of course)
to illustrate one theorem.

(desargues’ theorem at w’edia.)

performing calculations using
actual blobs of color rather than
alphabetical symbols *standing*
for colors is time-consuming
(and demanding of special tools)…
but one literally “sees” certain things
*much more readily* than with
symbol manipulation.

hey, i’m a visual learner.

  1. w.p. handel

    reverse tic-tac-toe…
    first three-in-a-row *loses*…
    on a desargues-configuration board
    appears to be of, anyway,
    more interest than t-t-t itself.

    you can play on an alphabetic
    board, too of course (just as for
    21-point t^3).
    to wit:


  1. 1 desargues theorem for poets | the livingston review

    […] i still haven’t “solved” ten-point reverse TTT, by the way. but it’s very likely only a matter of time. somebody skilled in computer coding […]

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