bug report

the last display of MEdZ #0.4
is this wordless version of
cantor‘s epoch-making result
that there are “more” (in the sense
of cardinality, a concept
i outlined in the last post) elements
in \Bbb R (the Real Numbers)
than in \Bbb N (the Naturals).

and a pretty picture it is, too…
to at least *one* set of eyes.

but there’s rather a glaring mistake.
every self-publisher… including
creators of “handouts” for classes…
probably soon learns that certain
mistakes only become visible to
their authors after producing
a large number of copies.
anyhow, it’s always been so for me.

in this case.
i should’ve started the fourth line up
\exists b = .b_0 b_1 b_2 b_3 ...
rather than
\exists b = .b_1 b_2 b_3 b_4... .
then the next line should begin
b_0 \not= a_{00}, b_1 \not= a_{11}....

or i could just edit a_0
out of the whole mess altogether…
a fix with the charming property
that i could perform it with
white-out alone (no marker).

also the third line should begin
with \exists S \Rightarrow a_0 = ....
what the heck i was thinking
writing out an implication
with no antecedent i’ll never know.

that one i’ll need a marker for.


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