now with even fewer smileys alas

i’ve finally put the “points at infinity”
where they’ve belonged all along.
this’ll probably be the last draft
as far as “where do the points go”.

the color scheme is still almost
entirely up in the air. all i know
so far is that nobody not already
interested in maths will look
at the damn thing in b&w.



  1. two of the purple dots
    are wrongly colored in.
    pretty easy to spot,
    i should think.

    that’s (hard-to-find) erasable grading *pencil*
    i colored it with, so my copy will soon be corrected.
    this whole photo-booth/flickr/wordpress chain
    is just too tedious to redo, though. too *embarrassing*,
    really. also it cuts off my right-hand-sides.

  2. china marker on acetate.

    That’s what I would do if what I really needed was some computer graphics skill (that I am too lazy-old to figure out)


    and I did like the smileys. There are two on the topleft/downright diagonal that look like rotated dog faces, but that barely counts.

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