imminent fall of the academy predicted

math ed issue of the notices.

also: ben’s back (at research in practice).

  1. Huh? Which article predicts that? (Thanks for the tip. I saw this before, but I finally started reading it after your nudge. I’ve read the Beckmann and IMO articles so far.))

  2. back in ancient usenet history,
    “imminent death of the net predicted”
    used to appear as a gag title sometimes…
    paraphrasing “this is the last straw”
    or “this’ll be the end of me”.

    & many a math-head, unto this day,
    runs for cover when math-ed comes up.
    so i envisioned somebody thinking
    “okay… now they’ve gone too far…
    standards have slipped to the point
    where all credentials are meaningless”
    etcetera etcetera.
    not *much* of a joke.
    gets better the more you see it though,
    unlike most jokes which fall flat after
    one use.

    the wu piece is my fave so far.
    i’ll probably have more to say
    about that.

    i sort-of plugged beckmann’s book
    when i used it a couple years back.
    also found her piece here worthwhile.

  3. probably under the influence of
    having recently read this
    review of an end-of-the-academy–
    -as-we-know-it book.

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