i pubbed my ish

Photo on 2011-02-07 at 14.40

here’s MEdZ #1 in both editions: last year’s “mini”
and this years “digest” sizes. the 2011 edition
features, along with “the hip-pocket vocab”
(a glossary for math-for-humanities), some
remixed drawings from some “micro” zines
(also from last year), along with some (new,
brief) handwritten commentary.

the seven-sections pictures look way better
cut together (so here *that* is).

Photo on 2011-02-07 at 14.44

this last one’s previously unpublished.

Photo on 2011-02-07 at 14.45

anyhow. it exists. there’s a even a (proof) copy in circulation.
mostly it’s just masters, though. i’ll be running off the first
big print run in the next few days i think. numbered & dated.


  1. blag

    done a few hours ago:
    a printrun of ~32… preprints.
    still a little typo-and-worse-ridden
    to start signing and numbering.

    anyhow, the class gets these.

    also… by way of crosspost… today
    i uploaded an audio file.

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