university hall basement

i started a new job yesterday.
more of a “gig”, really, i guess.
i was hired on the day *before*
yesterday as sort of a fill-in.
good thing for me i can teach
any undergrad math class at
the drop of any hat. also that
i showed up on the first day
of the quarter to put up posters
(for my sprouting-not-blooming
tutoring business… i’ve met
about half a dozen tutees thus far
and made a few hundred bucks…
i’ve just set up my first appointment
for the new quarter minutes ago…)
and just happened to’ve stopped into
the right office at the right time.

anyhow, after 5 quarters without a college,
starting this gig (at big state u) is a joy.
invigorating nay uplifting. and it’s even
*real math*… a “discrete mathematics”
course aimed at computer majors…
*and* with better-prepared students
than i’m used to working with.

last night i passed around
MathEdZine #1 instead of syllabi.
there’s rather an amazing amount of
overlap in the “coverage” of the zine
and the opening-day material for “366”
(i.e., my “discrete” course). to wit:
and, or, conjunction, disjunction,
negation, logical operation, statement,
logically equivalent, contradiction,
tautology, proposition, distributive
and DeMorgan’s law
are all defined *both* in my 8-page minizine
(printed on both sides of a single
eight-and-a-half-by-eleven sheet;
folded and stapled) *and* in Epp 2.1
(the section of susannaa s.~epp’s
[4th edition] containing “material” for
last night’s lecture). with more
overlap to come. our notations
even match up surprisingly well.

now to get together a real syllabus
and, who knows, maybe even sketch out
some sort of *strategy*…


  1. Vanessa Vaile

    Glad to see you back. Hope the gig works out for repeat.

  2. So you can’t teach the whole semester with ‘zines?

    I’m glad it feels good to be back.

    I lost my similar spot (probably will get it back next term, but first hole in my Tuesday/Thursday late afternoons in about 8 years)


  3. i’d already encountered ms. epp’s work
    long since when i posted this… but seem
    (on the evidence of this post)
    to have forgotten.

    anyhow, as it pleases me now to report,
    we were both early participants in
    charles wells’ _handbook_of_math’s_discourse_.

    and she’s been rockin’ the house for decades.

    you could look it up.

    recently i saw a paper of hers indicating that
    she was still taking academic-math-ed seriously
    (by writing about actual classroom encounters
    as if there were something to *learn* from them
    [rather than something to be *proved*]); this is
    *much* more unusual than you’d believe
    without very careful inspection.

    i’d add link here but i’m lazy and, heck,
    it’d do *you* good to look it up if you cared.

    if there were any other thing
    as necessary and as impossible
    as this “math ed” thing… why, then,
    i’d probably be doing that.
    if i had a chance.

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