last crosspost

we can’t maintain an internet connection
and are giving up even trying. not that
i expect to have the same phone for long
but that looks like the way to go:
that probably won’t last much longer either
but there it is. my p.o. box is in effect for
several more months:
box 9679 columbus oh 43209.

what a monumental disappointment
*this* turned out to be.


  1. Thanks for the ‘zines. We liked them and wonder if we can get students to make their own… Imagine “if it’s small enough that I can’t see it, then you can bring it to the test with you…”

    or maybe not.


  2. glad you enjoyed ’em. thanks!

    i figure the tiny ones would make
    good handouts. four of ’em fit
    on a single sheet so the copying
    costs are very low. also they
    cost very little to *mail*.
    a bit of a pain to cut ’em all out
    and fold ’em up of course.
    low-tech is labor intensive
    as a general rule i suppose.

    i wish i’d caused students to make
    zines back when i had a chance…

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