still alive and well

chandler davis collection announced (ht: ray davis).

solving n-queens (in galois).

the awful 2-point question at jd’s.

  1. don’t know if I have a valid e-mail for you.

    Thought once upon a time you were going to send me some sample math ed zines. Offer still good?

    And is there one for Peano’s postulates? (not taking a course, just figured it was a topic that lent itself.


  2. egad.
    is my currently-most-checked.
    there are several e-dressen
    listed in the sidebar of the
    “open a vein” blog but i suppose
    nobody sees ’em there because
    blogs are so 2008 and we’re all
    supposed to be using “feeds” now.

    anyhow, send a snailmail addy
    for a small fistful of zines…
    thanks for your interest!
    (and please accept my apology
    if you’ve *done* that and i lost it.)

    an early draft of “N” had, you guessed it,
    the peano postulates treatment. not sure
    i don’t think i shoulda stuck with it, for
    that matter. (i used this stuff

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