today i am a pro

right before the beginning of spring quarter
i showed up at the ex-department with some zines.
i’d just put out #1
(“the hip-pocket vocab”,
a crosslinked glossary for
elementary logic, sets, and
number theory originally
prepared as scholarly apparatus
for a set of lecture notes i used
to supplement “math for poets”
classes) and there were three
issues of the “Zero Series”
(namely 0.1, 0.7, and 0.6…
The Natural Numbers,
The Complete Graph On Four Vertices,
and Finite Complete Graphs).
i’d marked the #1’s at $2 a pop
and the others at $1 each but
intended to give ’em away.
i hadn’t brought many…
i hadn’t *made* many and still
haven’t onto this day…
so i was thinking just to shove ’em
more or less at random into mailboxes
of faculty i’d enjoyed talking to and
hope to spark up some conversations
about me and the weird stuff i get up to.
my ex-boss was right up front so he got
one of the (two) $5 packs i’d prepared
(with all four zines). and i was dropping
off some more and Beloved First Customer
was passing through and asked what
i was up to and i showed her some
and she very kindly asked if i’d accept
a donation to my project and i very
gladly accepted and she slipped me
twenty bucks. so she gets a full run
of the zine as long as the title lasts
and a copy of the book when i issue

the “fall list” for Swain Hall Pubs Ink
as of now consists of MathEdZineBook.
all or part of this alleged “book”
will be recycled blog posts and reprints
from the actual zines. i’ve got plenty
of ideas and maybe even a couple
good ones but that’s all anybody
around here knows as of now about
MathEdZineBook or the fall list.

you can reserve your copy here
with paypal. or just send me money.

PS at around the same time…
a couple weeks ago, something
like that… i was walking along
banging on my guitar like i do
sometimes and a girl… nearly
a “young woman”… crossed the
street to give me a fistful of
coins. this was pretty exciting too;
i’d never sold a song *or* a set
of lecture notes until spring 2010.
“begging in the street pays”,
like i told th’ mad one when i
bought lunch… a carryout for
us and a faraway host a busride
away… with the first proceeds
of MathEdZine.


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