biggest mailing in years

3-packs (\Bbb N, K_n, K_4) to eleven zinesters
and two mathbuddies.
oh, you want the *list*?
well, here they are in front of me.
the supergenius coyote and the thug,
the lovebunni and the swine,
the caffeinated turtle and the hunkasaur.
also the watcher-of-closing-doors.
and also the baltimore zombie experts
and the bloomington publishing mogul.
then there’s the redroach earthpig
and the slow waver. all these have
addresses you can find in ZW #28.
i’ve traded with ’em all; usually very unevenly in my favor.
the math side of the aisle don’t get monikers
and their addies (richmond CA and cedar park TX)
obviously oughtn’t to be published here.
but *i’ve* got ’em. send yours.
that’s v,l,o,r,b,i,


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