a question both deep and profound

is whether a circle is round.
in a paper by erdos
published in kurdish
a counter-example is found.

a question both real and complex
is whether a sphere is convex
the problem’s proposer
the famed leo moser
believes it depends on the sex.

or so i’ve read somewhere.
lucky for you, that’s all i’ve memorized.
here’s sue v.’s math poetry wiki.


  1. Are you going to put this one on your page there? Change that last stanza to talk about things self-referential, and it’ll go great! ;^)

  2. vlorbik

    these aren’t mine. i learned ’em in grad school.

  3. cited 2005 in _discover_ here:

    i wrote one along their lines in grad school.
    vinay deodhar was regular faculty and a
    bang-up algebra teacher. steve tesser
    was a post-doc and a buddy of mine.

    professor tesser
    said to deodhar
    my favorite thing
    about {n \choose r}
    has always been…
    from time immemorial…
    its nice relation
    to n!

  4. jared

    It is said that after erdos read that poem he wanted to publish a result in kurdish, but couldn’t find a kurdish math journal

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