prehistory of MEdZ, part ii

so somebody comment already


  1. Where is this going?

    Or is it here?

  2. vlorbik

    it’s *almost* here.

    yesterday my scanner arrived
    and soon madeline will install it.
    meanwhile, i ran off a few copies
    of, not this but one much like it,
    yesterday across from the campus
    of big state U. also a draft
    of one side of \Bbb N
    MEdZ 0.1 (on the construction of
    the Natural Numbers among a few
    other things). and’ve given away
    a half-dozen already even though
    they *are* just drafts.

    i’ve “tested” \Bbb N on a
    couple actual teenagers briefly.
    most people are sort of weirded
    out when they first see zines
    and of course everybody recoils
    as if by instinct at *math*…
    i was able to get ’em talking
    to each other about it though
    which is pretty much the whole plan.
    so it might be a big hit.
    seeing as there’s no competition
    in this entire genre, *i* get to define
    what constitutes “success”.

    i’ve got plenty of good notes on
    \Bbb Z, \Bbb Q, \Bbb R, and \Bbb C
    as well as enough for several more
    in the graph-theory sequence.
    together, a bunch of these
    micro- and mini- zines…
    octavos and quartos…
    will constitue “issue zero”
    of MathEdZine. whose theme
    is “lectures without words”.
    (foreign language editions
    available at no extra charge.)

    no publication date announced but
    it’s weeks not months. there’ll be
    an announcement here RSN.

    you, JD, get a subscription for the life
    of the zine just by asking for it and sending
    a postal addy. everybody else should
    enclose paper money along with the addy.
    or some other cool object that’ll fit through
    the slot in the door of my apartment…
    2869 barclay square columbus oh 43209.
    (p.o. box applied for.)

  3. god. dammit.
    just when i get the *other* picture right,
    this one goes to hell.

    i guess this acts kind of
    like the cut-and-paste buffer or something.

    *fuck* graphics on the net.

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