role model thanked

nancy oliver showed rebecca zook the way back in ninth grade. now she’s paying it forward.

  1. Thanks for posting about what I wrote!

  2. vlorbik

    thanks for coming by.
    and thanks for the post.

    my own most-inspiring-math-teacher
    was by golly a woman too:
    mary ann di baggio. 6th grade.

    then maria wonenberger twice in
    undergrad. i always think
    of the great emmy noether.
    MW was my first teacher of
    my favorite subject of all time:
    abstract algebra. she was
    a pretty ordinary big-room
    freshman-calc lecturer but
    that’s called “being a pro”
    i guess. with teacher-trainees
    and frightened undergrads
    in small groups she was great.

    another calc teacher, marjorie
    mc cracken was a much better
    “big room” presenter but i
    had no personal interactions
    with her that i can remember.

    the AI (“associate instructor”)
    for my “section” of that class
    was teresa tsang and she was
    very helpful to me and my
    classmates in that crucial
    freshman year.

    then marlies gerber in grad school
    for differential geometry.
    a fine teacher and an inspiring
    member of her department.

    i think that’s it.
    (my transcripts were online at one point
    but that’s long gone now and i’ll probably
    never do it again. no use hunting up
    hardcopies for a digression that already
    approaches ridiculous length.)

    math needs women!

    @rebecca again:
    i’ll go ahead and say here that your pages
    impressed me quite a bit at first glance.
    i’ll probably be tutoring online within
    a couple quarters now (if the net and i
    are still standing); seeing a one-person
    show like yours looks to be just the kind
    of no-hype how-it-really-works i’ve been
    waiting for. i’ll sure be back.

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