All the posts below this (earlier in time) originally belonged to Vlorbik on Math Ed. Welcome back to any feed-readers thereof.

Announcing MathEdZine. To reserve your copies send small amounts of cash to the Livingston Avenue address. Be sure to include your snail-mail info (and not just on the envelope). Early subscribers may get originals… “publish the notes” remains high on my personal-mottos list… but I promise nothing but some very small zines. Buyer beware.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing another blog; there’s some mathy stuff you might enjoy having missed.

  1. vlorbik

    really i’m testing the comments feature
    but last year on my birthday i pubbed
    why live and i seem not
    to have indexed it yet anywhere so
    i’ll drop a link here to remind me.
    thinking i’ll ever be able to find anything
    has led me into more trouble than i’d care
    to go into now; i’m trying to cure myself
    by leaving everything lying around at random.

  2. vlorbik

    i don’t actually mean “last year”. this’ll take practice.

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