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I’ve started up new blogs at Math 148: Precalculus and Madness and Poverty.

Nothing would please me more than for some comments to bust out right about here. Nothing that could happen online, anyway. Thanks for your kind attention.


  1. Ron

    Great! I’m shifting my subscription to your two other blogs. Looks like you’re testing blogspot vs. WordPress in the process.

    You’re point about lurking is a good one–there’s a big jump between reading a blog and actually submitting a comment. I’ve been thinking about this. My blog consists of extremely intermittent but long articles, so I don’t have any kind of regular interaction, so this doesn’t really apply to mine, though.

    So how to get interaction going? Maybe asking at the end of some of the posts for people’s opinions or their similar experiences or asking for other sources of information people might have come across might spark people into participating more, since most people love to share stories or information they have.

    I guess I’ve just crossed that threshold into commenting. Maybe a rant or two is just what it takes to get me motivated. :)

    I’m looking forward to reading your other two blogs. See you on the other side.


  2. samus

    I can definitely feel your angst about the lack of comments. And despite leading questions and calls for comments, I start very few conversations with my blog. In fact, when I starting forwarding my blog to my notes on Facebook I received more response in a week than I did during the two years I had been blogging on wordpress.

    I’ve decided that my best feedback is the statistics page. ie: What searches do people use to find my site and how many folks visit. Anyways I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to reading the content in your new blogs.

  3. You should leave this open. Continue to comment on this one open thread. I never would have found Samantha’s blog…

  4. i’ve just tagged a spam comment
    that appeared in this space
    but that’s no bother. as long
    as i stay reasonably obscure,
    this kind of thing only seems
    to come up from time to time.

    so yeah, that’s pretty much what i had in mind.

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