Now What

Yesterday the post below passed the WordPress TeX compiler; today it doesn’t. I didn’t change anything. I worked for hours on the god damn thing and I want it to be over with. Don’t be a blogger; it’s fucking impossible.

Update: it’s worse than I think. The formulas in question look okay onmy computer but show up as “formula won’t parse” on the office computers (browsing with Explorer in some Windows workstation thingum). It’s a fucking Mac thing: there are invisible characters in what passes for a “plain text” file and they fuck it all up and they won’t tell me how or why. The computer age has finally reached full maturity: the capitalists have broken everything and I can’t do anything without first paying some fucking member of their fucking mafia and probably not even then. But that just ticks me off. What reduces me to inarticulate screaming is the certain knowlege that as soon as I open my mouth to speak of it, some army of clueless assholes will suddenly emerge to tell me that it’s somehow all my fucking fault. Fuck the whole fucking academy. I’ve wasted my life. I was happier working minimum wage jobs so it’s probably a good thing I’ll soon be back at it if for some reason I go on living another fucking day.


  1. kibrolv

    there were some comments here
    too embarrassing even for me
    to preserve; one does not seek
    to make one’s lashings-out
    *personal* against any one
    fellow captive-of-the-net.

    but i quit this blog and stayed quit
    (as the “archive” at right will show).
    there’s some mathblogging in my
    *personal* blog these days but
    that’s a whole nother story.

  2. kibrolv

    why wordpress doesn’t make my name
    a live link i don’t know. here it is by hand.

    open a vein.

  3. so when are you going to blog, clog, and pirouette about math education. And which flash should I weary of anywhoo? or was it flesh or maybe it was dance cards? I’ve been wrestling with Drupal and it is TOTALLY user un-friendly. We have an open source prototype of a community currency/exchange thingama program. I can’t even open it to explore the pluses and minuses, without a coach on the sideline. I do Opera and Unbuntu as well and they are way further along in the evolution process but then I’m not trying to rework it innards. tralalalah. Tadit

  4. here and there in the new blog.
    i’m drafting a “year in retrospect”
    post even as we sit here”…

    yrs in th’ dance.

  5. i’m reasonably sure it *wasn’t* a “mac thing”.
    &’m surprised i’ve let go mentioning it till now.

    but i’m still right about at or near the same
    level of raving paranoia about our robot
    overlords and their demonic moneymoney

    so don’t get me wrong.

    on the other hand, wow.
    all these years. for no money from me?
    @##$ yeah! wordpress!

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