Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Greetings from the Enclave. The Internet’s for the taking and the coffee flows free. Actually, the coffee flows at around 13 cents an ounce. But it’s a sweet deal for me. About halfway to the bus-stop. Class still several hours off. I haven’t been doing the usual random mathblog browsing, but here’s a link from the 3D world: “How to Measure a Cheshire Grin?”: John Allen Paulos reviews Robin Wilson’s Lewis Carroll in Numberland. I read it on Sunday even before turning to the crossword. Paulos is of course among the most prominent popular-math writers in English (I saw him present once … in my opinion, this is where he really shines: he held a crowd of mostly-nonmath undergraduates rapt and made it look fun and easy); Lewis Carroll needs no introduction. Robin Wilson does Graph Theory at the Open University and writes pop-math on the side (but I’ve never read any of it so far). He’s probably best-known for being the famous son of an even more famous father. Vlorbik says check it out.

Seven AM. I can make it to the Polish Diner for some eggs and b., and still have time to think about how best to introduce polynomial functions on the bus ride … life is good.


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