Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth

Posting is likely to slow down considerably. I’ve got a new computer and it’s fighting me every step of the way. I can post here easily from the new box — I’m doing it right now, indeed — since I’m in the habit of editing my posts right here in the online WordPress editor. What I can’t yet do ought to be the simplest thing in the world: edit the source code for a webpage. The Mac appears to be hostile to the whole idea that users should ever have anything to do with code and makes the procedure very hard to find out. After almost a week of playing around with the thing, it’s clear that, just as its fans say, there’s a lot of stuff that works much better than Windows can dream of. But the thing I care most about—what I actually bought the damn computer for—is web publishing. And this is so easy on Windows that I learned it accidently (“What’s this? View Source? Let’s see…” … and there it is, ready to be edited [and then posted]). If I’d been using a Mac when I first learned about the Web, I’d probably never have written a webpage to this day. It’s very frustrating.
Anyhow, I’m still working like heck on my 148 classes. But all my patience with computers will probably be devoted wrestling with this MacBook. Don’t even get me started on the god damn mouse.


  1. brutus12

    good luck with that MacBook, I have a Sony and willing to trade if we can work in the deal that the posts don’t slow down. lol

  2. “Though I’ve flogged you and I’ve flayed you

    By the living God that Made you

    Your a better machine than MAC is

    Windows (200, xp, Vista?)”

    With all apoligies to Rudyard Kipling

  3. i’m sure not going to go *that* far.
    a seach feature that doesn’t exclude
    the very files i’m trying to search,
    for example, is a heck of a nice feature …

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