Will This Be On The Test?

\bulletAn announcement for a math contest at Math Notations.
\bulletJonathan sez he’ll have a Carnival at his blog later today. And he’s pretty reliable.
\bulletEric Peterson came back from a long hiatus and posted some Final Exams last month. But I missed it till now.
\bulletJ.D. Fisher on the Faffufnik-Chaim Yankel Effect.
\bullet The graph transformations page of Paul’s Online Math Notes.

  1. tomorrow. often late, never absent

  2. Thanks for plugging the contest! There’s still time for schools to register. 45 minutes should be enough time for a team of 6 to finish although more time is provided for electronic preparation of answers/solutions.

  3. Hi Vlorbik. Could you add my site to your blogroll? I’ll add yours to mine.

    Math Concepts Explained


  4. i’ve moved _math_concepts_explained_
    back to the main blogroll (having first
    moved it to “inactive” when i noticed
    that it hadn’t been updated since october).
    welcome back shaun!

    also, as i’ll say soon on the main page:
    JD’s carny #47 is a winner;
    VME sez check it out.

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