To My 1:00 Class 1/14/09

I was across the hall in the Adjunct Office when I should have been in class. The clock on the wall had stopped and I hadn’t noticed. I don’t even want think about how many times it said 12:45 and I believed it … I must have been pretty caught up in whatever I was reading.

Anyhow, it’s my fault obviously and I’m sorry to have let you down. I’ll sure be a whole lot more careful for the rest of the quarter. The quiz scheduled for today will happen on Wednesday (Monday’s off for M. L. King Day as I hope everyone already knew). In the meantime, since we’re still responsible for all the material on the syllabus, we’ll have to pick up the pace somewhat to make up the day … so it’s even more of a good idea than usual to read ahead (and not just work exercises from material already covered in lecture). See you next week!


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