Owen By The Way

I can’t find my @#$%!!! cel-phone. Just in case anybody’s been looking for me and can’t find me. I’ll be off-line at least till Monday night. You could try Madeline’s # if you’ve got that.


  1. Did you check:

    1) In your pockets

    2) In your car(s)

    3) In your house(s)

    4) In your friend(s)’ 1-3

    5) In the last place you were with it



  2. pockets for all the money.

    i found it this morning
    after running it through
    the washer & dryer
    (it doesn’t work of course).

    somewhere around noon tomorrow
    i should be back on the grid;
    presumably at the same #.

    science and math don’t appear
    even to know they’ve been in a fight.

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