Math For The Very Patient

This page may prove useful; already it’s led me to the Math for the Masses entry of the blog (to which I’m currently finding it impossible to link directly). God knows, it would be much more useful if the window that one edits posts in wasn’t so frustratingly fraught with fight-the-user misfeatures. I damn near quit forever last week in creating this short post in the Calc III blog; I found out just in time that cut-and-paste was damaging the code invisibly (and so, in order to recover half-an-hour’s work, I re-entered a bunch of code manually). I already knew that entering plain text that I’d created in MS Wordpad was a losing move because of (what I sorely regret being able to call) the usual carriage-return issues. You’d think that at least in this context—editing, not only HTML, but \TeX for the love of Knuth, it would have been considered a good idea to let the poor sap at the typer see the code that the machine is actually going to use … why is this so hard?


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    oh, flock.

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