Notes For Anthony

\bulletEigenvalues and Eigenvectors (Carter, Tapia, Papakonstantinou).
\bulletSocial Science Statistics Blog.


  1. David

    One more quick note. I took two linear algebra courses, one at the 200 level (for all the math-y majors) and one at the 400 level (specifically math majors). The 4xx prof had a habit of making us do recitations. He would say, “What are the eigenvectors?” We, as the good little Pioneers that we were, would respond [after the first couple of times that he did this to us, and we would try to calculate them] “The one-dimensional invariant subspaces.” It took me a long time to figure out just how important it was think about them that way.

  2. i’d say you were one of the lucky ones, then.
    anyhow, when i was a student, the 2nd course
    (senior-level linear algebra) was one of those
    “it’s still in the catalogue, but it hasn’t actually
    been offered in nobody-remembers-when” deals …
    but then came (briefly) back from the dead
    *just when i needed it badly* (the first year
    of grad school … of course, it’d’ve been
    even better to’ve had it as about a junior …).

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