Business As Usual

One may learn from this post yesterday in Mathematics Education Research that the NCTM Annual Meeting is going on right now. But the links are all getting me an error message (as of now).

Wait, they work. Let’s see. Oh, great. Statistics (“Becoming Certain About Uncertainty”). Just what elementary-ed needs much less of. Why are we not surprised. Oh, and don’t miss their smarmy attempt at looking like they’re on board with the Math Panel’s tepid denunciation of the lies they’ve been propagating for decades.


  1. Wow, you’re here too? Deep stuff …

  2. you mean at the show in salt lake?
    naw … i’m back home meeting my classes.

    i was at a regional NCTM meeting once
    back when i was a pro (& got the t-shirt
    to prove it) … & would go to more
    if i should ever go pro again … sort of
    a “loyal opposition” thing, i suppose …

    jose posted yesterday about malcom gladwell’s
    talk at the con …

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