There Goes The Afternoon

\bulletMyrtle Hocklemeier on 19th Century Math Ed in the US, a couple weeks back at Drat These Greeks!.
\bulletCarnival of Mathematics No. 28 at Tyler and Foxy’s.


  1. You’re still reading?

    I’ve been spending more time doing math than writing about it. Maybe that’s a good thing.

    I’ll try to update more often.

  2. i had you in the “inactive” list
    for a while there … but a recent
    comment somewhere (at jd2718, maybe?)
    got me to wondering what you’d been up to.
    good stuff for sure.

    i might very well figure out someday
    how to put a shot
    on my page … “photobucket” will
    probably be beyond me for some time
    to come …

  3. V–

    I go through phases where I spend more time doing math than talking about it. And since in almost every way I’m still operating at a high school level my personal travails blogged would be no more interesting than a high school student discussing their math homework.

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