Benazir Bhutto, RIP.

\bulletHappy 70th, J.H. Conway (Luboš Motl).
\bulletYes, Virginia …
\bulletIs “2008” interesting? (at Walking Randomly). Nearly illegible.


  1. Hi Vlorbik

    You say that my 2008 post is ‘Nearly ilegible’ – If that is a comment on the quality of my prose then fair enough but if it is a problem with how the site renders on your machine then could you give me details please so I can try to fix it.


  2. hey, mike. thanks for asking.

    white type against a grey background:
    not enough contrast.
    the (blue on grey) links are even worse.
    for these i literally have to take my glasses off
    and put my face a couple inches from the screen.
    obviously i’m not going to do this much …

  3. Me again vlorbik :)

    That does sound quite horrible but is not what I see when I look at the site in either Firefox or IE 7. I chose the theme I am using because it is easy on the eyes so something has gone drastically wrong.

    May I ask what browser you are using please?

  4. IE, alas. (i don’t own the computers i use
    and am forbidden access to their hardrives.)

  5. I have had a look at my site using IE 6 and it is just as horrible as you mentioned. I guess this is an IE 6 bug since it looks fine in IE 7 and firefox. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about HTML to know how to fix this for IE 6 – The theme I am using was one downloaded from the net. Sorry :(

  6. it is indeed perfectly legible in firefox.
    thanks for not blaming me for this problem.

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