MathBloggers Goes Public

\bulletAt This page has what appears to be an absurdly high ranking in the “Top Blogs” sidebar, given the number of page-hits I get. Maybe some of my commenters have top blogs or something. And, who knows, maybe pages like this will help to bump up the number of viewers. I’ll look into this later. Tonight if I’m up to it after two long lectures. Gotta go.


  1. Counting Stuff Is Really Hard
    probably goes some way to explain what’s going on …

  2. HI Vlorbik

    Let me explain why the Top Math Blogs ranked you so highly. That list has nothing to do with Top Math Blogs of All Time. if so – it would be fairly unchanging. Instead what we do is point out Math Blogs that had a sudden boost in attention, comments or number of posts in the last few days over their usual average. It could be a top blog – or it could be a newbie.

    This way we help math fans identify new blogs that might never have been on their radar.

    Thanks – pls keep writing more about us. And contact me if you need any questions answered.

    SocialRank is build by

  3. Somehow SBS is now #1 when I think it was behind your blog a day or two ago. Hmmm, seems like an awfully large effect for one post.

  1. 1 SocialRank (and MathBloggers) is now live « Learning Computation

    […] fit the category better, but some of the particular entries seemed like peculiar choices. Vlorbik wonders how his own blog got so highly rated. His particular entry that made the list was about the Excel […]

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