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The Steen interview(s) I plugged in my last two posts have seen a great deal of debate in their comments threads, mostly between mathmom and non-blogger (but KTM2 regular) SteveH. These commenters manage to disagree with each other about certain issues in math ed while each still actually responds to actual points made by the other, and all without name-calling. If this were as easy as it sounds, I expect there would be a whole lot more of it. (I haven’t looked at math-teach lately … ever wonder why?)

Speaking of interesting comment threads in blogs recently plugged here … well … pretty much any recent post by T. Gowers qualifies. This guy is doing amazing work: how can we best present advanced mathematics to beginners? That he gets so much feedback from T. Tao is just icing on the cake.

Classes started today and I’m beat. But in a good way.


  1. Vlorbik–
    Thanks for the plug! Sitting back and watching the ping-pong match between SteveH and mathmom was entertaining and enlightening. In effect, it was an electronic debate between two intelligent thoughtful individuals who are equally passionate in their views. I’ve been asked why I chose not to comment. I didn’t have to! Now where do we go from here?
    Dave Marain

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