It Worked Until They Fixed It

Rudbeckia Hirta posted a brief description of some computer snafus she experienced yesterday. She’s amazed at her students’ patience. Well, I’m amazed at hers. And probably at yours.

Our overlords have caused these damnable devices to take over more and more of our lives and they just keep telling me, “Get out of here, Finchley!”. And what I want to know is: how much trouble would it take for your typical technophile to feel that, say, their cel phone was too much trouble? Because it looks to me like if you had to, say, wrestle an alligator every day before you were allowed to turn the thing on, why then, you’d just have to start honing your alligator-wrestling skills pretty quick, wouldn’t you. And probably start buttonholing everyone about your latest alligator-wrestling tricks before too long in the bargain.

Or maybe, and this is my last thin thread of hope on the topic, a lot more people resent having to wrestle those alligators than I imagine—and they just won’t admit it. Maybe because their living depends on it, say. I guess I could live with that.

My next rant will have something to do with actual math.


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